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Rhodes’ Ramblings

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October 2013 • Volume 2, Issue 6 •

Jenni’s Hawaiian Explorations

A fun thing that I enjoy watching is people shore diving and spear fishing. I just love to see people out there in the water exploring the ocean; especially at night!

One popular location that attracts divers and spear fishermen is just off Magic Sands Beach here in Kona. Often a night, you will see divers out there looking to catch fresh fish and ula. It is pretty cool as you can follow their swim paths by watching their underwater lights.

It is a whole other world swimming out in the dark but you’d be surprised to see how much you don’t get the opportunity to see in the daytime! ☺

Nov 13 photo 1

Guess Where?

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Hawaiian Word of the Month
Nov 13 lobster

ula (lobster)

Tips & Tricks: Cleaning your Screens

Everyone knows that screens get dirty and eventually start to block the air flow into your home. One easy way to clean it is to use a dryer sheet (a great tip from a tenant currently living in a dusty neighborhood!).

You can easily take a fresh dryer sheet and carefully run it across your screen (use caution, you don’t want to push a hole through your screen) and then the dirt will gather on the dryer sheet. Not only will it clean the screen, it will leave a nice scent as the air flow makes its way in! ☺

Plans on Moving Out? What Notice is Required?

Month to Month:

  • Tenant must give 28 days written notice to vacate to the landlord
  • Landlord must give 45 days written notice to vacate to the tenant

Fixed Rental Agreement:

  • No notice is required from either party however it is a good practice to communicate with your landlord or tenant so that there aren’t any assumptions and the situation is clear to everyone.

Auto- Extension:

  • If a lease has the rental extension box checked, the lease will automatically convert to a month to month unless 30 days written notice is provided by the landlord to the tenant prior to the end of the fixed agreement (date reflected on lease).

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