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Rhodes’ Ramblings

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August 2013 • Volume 2, Issue 5 • Jenni@HawaiianIsleRentals.com

Jenni’s Hawaiian Explorations

One great thing about living in Hawaii is the ability to see beautiful sea life. One of my favorite species is the hahalua. They are graceful, beautiful and have the largest wing span of any creature currently living on Earth.  I was fortunate once to actually see one gliding through the waters of Kua Bay in the daytime but didn’t have the ability to get close up to it.

Those interested in getting close up to them may chose to take a snorkeling or diving excursion. There are several options to choose from and the memories will last a life time!


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Hawaiian Word of the Month


hahalua (manta ray)

Tips & Tricks: Greasy Range Hood Filters

One of the most common tasks that go undone when doing household chores is the cleaning of the over the range hood filter. Often times, it can become covered and caked with grease and even change color. Many people end up just throwing them out and replacing them but one option to try to save them is to boil a large pot of water and add ½ cup of baking soda (must be added very slowly as it will fizz) then place the filter inside for several minutes. Remove (with tongs) and then rinse it with hot water until the water runs clear. Let dry and then put it back in place!

The Laws are Changing when it Comes to Pet Deposits

As many of you are aware, many owners have not allowed pets on and/or in their rental properties, as there was no way to enforce damages caused by tenant’s animals. Recently, S.B. 328 passed and will be in effect on 11/1/2013.  This will enable owners to collect an additional security deposit (equal to one month’s rent) for a pet deposit. However, this new law will not make any rental property mandatory to allow pets. Please be advised that this is for “pets” only. Service animals are not considered pets and you cannot collect a pet deposit for them. I’ve provided the web link below. J



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