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Rhodes’ Ramblings

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June 2013 • Volume 2, Issue 4 • Jenni@HawaiianIsleRentals.com

Jenni’s Hawaiian Explorations

June 23, 2013 marked the 20th anniversary of the Kona Marathon! Hard to believe that this event started in 1993 with less than 60 participants and has now grown to nearly 3,000!

So, as I found myself preparing for this year’s event (which I have been doing the 10k since 2009), I somehow lost a kâma`a on the eve before the race!! Can you believe it?! I searched EVERYWHERE, with no luck. After having to purchase a new pair, I was ready to go.

Although my new shoes weren’t broken in yet, I did cross the finish line and collected my medal. I am already looking forward to next year’s event!

june 13 photo1

Guess Where?

Know where this is? Be the first to guess correctly and win a $20 gift card! No winner last month; so $20 went to the Hawaii Food Basket!

Hawaiian Word of the Month

june 13 photo2

kâma`a (shoe)

Tips & Tricks: Scratched Wood Flooring

We’ve all seen our share of scratched up wooden floors. They can be an eye sore! For light scratches, try using a crayon to fill it in. Choose a color that matches the existing floor the best, fill it in and then buff to a shine! For deeper scratches, you may choose to use a marker instead.

Helpful Hint: Another alternative is to grind up the meat of a walnut or pecan and then fill it in. The nut oil will provide a shine that will help match the flooring.


Selling A Tenant Occupied Dwelling

Thinking of selling your tenant occupied property? Know the code!

When Dwelling is Sold – Section 44(f). If the landlord sells or transfers the landlord’s interest in a dwelling before termination of a rental agreement, the new landlord shall, within 20 days, give written notice to the tenant of the amount credited as the security deposit. If the new landlord does not give written notice to the tenant, it will be assumed that the tenant has paid a security deposit equal to no less than one month’s rent at the time the tenant originally rented the unit.


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