Hawaiian Isle Rentals, Monthly Newsletter: May, 2013

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Rhodes’ Ramblings

Rhodes leading you to your perfect home!
May 2013 •  Volume 2, Issue 3 • Jenni@HawaiianIsleRentals.com

Jenni’s Hawaiian Explorations

Living in Hawaii sure gives you many opportunities to get out and explore! Many of you who know me are well aware of my LOVE for the ocean. I am an ocean nut! From large fish and mammals to the smallest marine microbes and everything in between; I love them all!

One of my favorite marine memories of Hawaii comes from my first visit here in March of 2007. We were here visiting family and decided we’d head out to Kekaha Kai State Park (just north of the Kona airport). I’d never been snorkeling before and was already excited. Nothing could have prepared me though to be fortunate enough to swim with a he’e! I’d only seen them in aquariums and on TV and it was AMAZING!!

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Guess Where?

Know where this is? Be the first to guess correctly and win a $20 gift card! Congratulations to last month’s winner Kate Godfrey! YAY!!

Hawaiian Word of the Month


He’e (Octopus)

Tips & Tricks: Fridge Odors

Keep your fridge clean by keeping fresh boxes of baking soda in the doors or on the shelves. You can also use small bowls of coffee grinds (uncovered) and they too will help as odor absorbers. Make it a practice to remove any old food items and consider implementing a “use it or lose it” policy. Always make sure to wipe up spills to help keep it clean and odor free!

Helpful Hint: Heavy cream or milk expiring soon? Try freezing them in ice cube trays; makes for ready to go coffee creamers when you’re on the go!

You Get What You Pay For

We’ve all heard horror stories of terrible tenants, slumlord owners, run down and distressed properties, etc. Thank goodness they are just stories when it comes to our rental program!

When renting out your property, it is imperative to make sure your unit has no deferred maintenance, that it is clean, and appealing to prospective renters. Renters want to feel privileged to live in a nice place, and yes; a well qualified tenant will be willing to pay more for a quality property.

We’re still looking for a few more quality rental properties. Let us help you get the renter you deserve! Call or email me for more details!



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