On Island Contact

Hawaii Revised Statutes Section 521-43(f) states: Any owner or landlord who resides outside the State or on another island from where the rental unit is located shall designate on the written rental agreement an agent residing on the same island where the unit is located to act in the owner’s or landlord’s behalf. In the case of an oral rental agreement, the information shall be supplied to the tenant, on demand, in a written statement.

Get legal with our On-Island Contact service!

  • $50/month (+ GET) per each rental unit that HIRE is named as the On-Island Contact
  • 1 free phone call and 1 free email per month
  • $50/hour (+GET) for any additional services, calls, and requests
  • HIRE shall be named an additional insured on your Home Owners Insurance
  • Oversee your own property and use us only when needed

For more information about this service, download the On Island Contact – information sheet – full version.

 Should you be interested in signing up or obtaining more information for this service, please contact us.